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Dash Updates Main Net due to a Vulnerability

The development team of Dash has created an update to v0.14.0.3. as soon as a vulnerability was found.

The blog post by the developer-company reads that last Wednesday, an error was found in the blockchain. It was caused by either a stress test or an attempted attack.

The vulnerability could have disrupted transactions or even resulted in the full stop of blockchain nodes.

The update is aimed at the elimination of the vulnerability and the restoration of the network's operability. Moreover, it will help to integrate additional options in the blockchain. In particular, the efficiency of the database space will be enhanced, and the processing failure risks will be eliminated.

The blog post emphasizes:

“The upgrade is strongly recommended for all Masternodes and is also recommended for all users, exchanges, partners and full node operators.”

Notably, the director-general of Dash Foundation Rayn Taylor said that the Dash network became fully protected against 51% attacks after the integration of the ChainLock system.