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Мэтью Меллон

Matthew Mellon, One of the First Cryptobillionaires, Died

In Mexican Cancun, at the age of 54 years, one of the first cryptobillionaires, Matthew Mellon, died. As reported in the Page Six, appendix to the New York Post, Mellon completed a rehabilitation course for drug addicts in the rehabilitation center of Cancun.

The fact that the billionaire suffered from drug addiction and struggled with it became known from numerous interviews with members of his family.

Matthew Mellon was the heir of the American judge of Irish descent, Thomas Mellon, who is the founder of Mellon Financial Corporation. Since 2007, this structure has merged with the oldest bank in the US - the Bank of New York, as a result, was formed holding The Bank of New York Mellon.

Matthew himself invested in Ripple, which allowed him to earn 1 billion dollars in cryptocurrency and take the fifth place in the first ranking of cryptobillionaires by Forbes.