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MetaMask Lunches Public Beta

The creators of the cryptocurrency wallet and decentralized app (DApp) browser with the support of iOS and Android devices Metamask has launched the public beta version of the app.

0x Halts Due to Vulnerability

The decentralized trading platform has temporarily halted the operating due to a bug. The developers found a vulnerability in v.2.0; the administration of the platform states that users’ assets are out of the woods, but recommends transferring to the new version of the platform.

Illusions Which Prevent You from Earning More on Cryptotrading

There are myths in which not only beginners but also experienced traders believe. Delusions tear a trader off the real market situation, hinder the analysis and right decision-making leading to a profit. In this article we will tell how to avoid 6 illusions which prevent us from earning more money.анализировать и принимать верные решения ведущие к профиту. В этой статье мы расскажем как избежать 6 иллюзий, которые мешают нам больше зарабатывать.

Zcash Creats Purse for Anonym Transactions  

The company Zcash Foundation has announced the launch of a new purse resolving the privacy issue. Zepio, a cryptopurse, provides the anonymity of storage and transactions of Zcash (ZEC) by default. The solution will intensify the confidential features of the currency and increase its demand.

Ledger Nano S Supporting BNB Now

Users of Ledger Nano S, a hardware purse, will be able to perform operations at Binance DEX cryptoexchange and keep their personal keys safe. The owners will be able to convert Binance Coin into any assets on the platform.