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Организатор ICO-стартапа сбежал с $50 млн инвесторов

The Organizer of ICO-Start-Up Has Run Away With $ 50 Million Investors

After the completion of the ICO Frankfurt startup Savedroid, which resulted in attracting about $ 50 million, investors have lost all contact with the organizers. When you click on the link to the official website of the project, a frame from the American cartoon South Park opens with the phrase "I have lost it".


The founder and project manager in his official Twitter account posted photos on which he is at the airport and on the beach with beer.

"Thanks guys. Over and out ... ", he wrote.

The Savedroid project implied an application for savings. With the help of artificialintelligence, user tools would be automatically invested in cryptocurrencies and related derivatives.

The original proposal of the project took investments in 56 different cryptocurrencies, including a number of coins, such, for example, as Civic or Storj.