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The representative of the research department of Goldman Sachs, Steve Strongin, shared his opinion about the unsustainability of most cryptocurrencies in the current conditions.

Against the backdrop of the steady growth of virtual currency rates, we can note a growing number of positive views on the blockchaintechnology as a whole.

The SingularityNET development team, in tandem with Nexus Earth Partners, aims to explore the possibilities of using artificial intelligence in conjunction with blocking technology. In the priority for this union:

• Creation of the most secure, flexible and secure infrastructure;

• Decrease in the cost of AI;

• To find a universal solution to the problems of society as a whole, not just individual corporations.

"This is our chance to change the world," said David Hanson, head of SingularityNET.

From words to deeds. Ex-President of Mexico Vicente Fox sees in the technology of the distributed registry solution of such problems as:

• Corruption;

• The crisis of agriculture;

• Drug trafficking.

That is what was presented in his speech at the conference Blockchain Economic Forum in Singapore.

As an example, Fox does not hide his hopes that the US will legalize the turnover of cannabis, as it was with "alcohol, tobacco, abortion and same-sex marriage." Then all the information on the cultivation and sale of marijuana can be placed in the detachment, which will greatly weaken the power of the cartels.

Also in the detachment Vicente Fox sees a solution to the problems with agriculture, which will reduce food imports. He proposes to collect and systematize all the experience and accumulated knowledge of farmers of the older generation in order to provide access to these data for all comers.

"Three and a half million farmers in Mexico will be able to access this wisdom and increase their harvests, which will benefit everyone," says Fox, calling it the "Yellow Revolution."

We remind you that in November 2017 in the Mexican city of Cancun Ethereum Foundation, the third largest Ethereum developer conference was organized.